20 Best Apps for Android You Should Install Part 1

20 Best Apps for Android You Should Install Part 1

There are thousands apps in play store; you can install Android app relating to bathroom design to NASA. But we are dissatisfied; we open play store to search new Android apps, best apps for Android OS, which increase our productivity, best apps for Android which don’t sit idle in mobile eating storage space.

In the first part of our series, we will discuss about 10 best apps for Android in no particular order; we will cover the remaining 10 best apps for Android in part 2. Some tech savvy readers may already be using these apps, claps for them. One disclaimer here: We have excluded famous apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc from our list, it would be insulting to our readers to discuss them here; we have also excluded Games and Music apps to focus on productivity apps.

Without wasting any time, Let’s Start:

1. Google Hindi Input:

When we receive a Hindi message, we wonder how to type Hindi on Android device while replying to the message. We want to ask, but hesitate. We update our social media profiles dreaming to type in Hindi some day. But How?

Google Hindi Input is the solution. We can write Hindi easily with this modern keyboard app, which works on the concept of transliteration, where we write in English, and the app automatically converts our words in Hindi, so we don’t even need to know Hindi typing to type in Hindi. We can switch typing language between Hindi and English.

Follow the steps for proper functioning of app.

  • Install this app in your mobile.
  • Go to Settings>Language and Input>Keyboard & Input Methods>Select Google Hindi Input
  • Click on the highlighted button on keyboard and easily switch between Hindi and English.
  •    Download App

    Note: If what you want is just typing speed install Swiftkey Keyboard, which will increase your typing speed magically. Swiftkey offers word flow technology: you need only to move your finger on letters of word you want to write. Google Swiftkey to know more about this keyboard app.

    2. Evernote:

    No longer, we depend on notebook and pen to note our ideas; our mobile has an app called Evernote to store them. Evernote, the android version of Evernote web app, offers flexibility of online and offline storage: When we sync our offline note, we can access them anytime, anywhere—on mobile, on tablet, on desktop, and on laptop. We can create text, list, audio, and vedio notes with this app. Evernote is not an ordinary note taking app; it can search words even in images.

    You can use Evernote in many ways; it is a powerful content organizing system. We ,however, recommend using the app for storing frequently used information or ideas you want to store for long term. For short term use, we have another powerful app we will discuss shortly.

    Download App

    3. Google Keep:

    Daily we need to make list of things, so that we don’t forget them. To note such lists, you can install Google Keep. Like Evernote, you can create text, list, audio and video note with Keep, but it is not a content organizer like Evernote; Keep is a simple but powerful note taking app. You note your idea, use it and delete it. Simple.

    Whether you want to make a list of groceries or store useful information during web surfing, just keep them in keep and be tension free.

       Download App


    4. Pocket:

    Many times surfing net, we find useful information, but can’t read it, we are busy searching something else. Not a problem anymore, install Pocket, go to share option in web browser and select Pocket as the sharing app, now you can read these articles in Pocket Android app anytime you want. When you use Google as a research tool to collect information on a topic, you can store all related web pages offline in Pocket, so you can read them later.

    Pocket is both an android and web app, meaning you can also use it on desktop. After installing Pocket extension for your web browser, you can share the web pages in pocket, which can be accessed anytime in Pocket Android app. So, dear readers install Pocket app and enjoy the new world of offline web surfing.

       Download App


    5. DailyHunt:

    Are you fond of knowing what is happening in the world, of being update on current affairs, of reading Newspaper? if yes, DailyHunt, previously NewsHunt, is a marvel for you. This Android app offers the freedom of reading number of dailies in English, Hindi and other regional languages. We need not elaborate on this app; install it once and check yourself how useful is it?

       Download App

    6. Internet Speed Meter Lite:

    Sometimes, web pages seem to take hours loading; we endlessly hit reload or refresh button, regretting to use Internet at such pathetic speed. If we could know our internet speed, we could avoid this frustration to some extent. Internet Speed Meter Lite comes to your rescue.

    As the name suggest, it is a speedometer app, which is displayed in the top navigation bar of your mobile and shows the current internet speed in kbps. With this information, we can guess time to load the web page. Additionally, when we open this app, we can know our daily mobile and WiFi data usage; this helps us to keep our internet usage in limit. Install it; It is a small, but useful app.

       Download App


    7. Xender:

    Your friend has an awesome app, which you want in your mobile, but when your friend has got it, why will you waste your data installing it? Install Xender once and you need not download another app which your friend possesses. Xender can easily transfer apps among android devices. Besides apps, Xender can transfer literally anything transferrable—audio, video, files.

    The process of transferring files is easy. You need Xender installed on all the devices. After opening Xender, One person creates a group and others join it; the mobiles are now connected. Click on any app or file, tap on the “Send” button at the bottom, and file starts copying between connected devices.

       Download App

    8. Skype:

    Though you can use many video chat apps like IMO, Viber, Tango etc., but Skype is the best app for Android for video quality. Skype produces best result on Hi-Speed Internet, but if Internet speed is a concern, Skype may not be the best option for you. In that case, install IMO, though video quality will not be top notch, but you can enjoy video chat on slow connection.

    Download App

    9. Snapseed:

    We want to look perfect in our photos on social sites, for which improving photo quality before posting is important. We have popular photo editor for this like—Photo Grid, PicsArt, Aviary Photo Editor, Pixlr Photo Editor, Snapseed etc. Out of them, Snapseed is our favorite; it’s simplicity wins our heart.

    With Snapseed, you can adjust color, brightness, saturation, warmth of your photos. Snapseed can perform useful functions like Photo crop, straighten, filter and frames etc. If you want simplicity in photo editing, install Snapseed, it will not disappoint you.

       Download App


    10. TrueCaller:

    If you suffer from spam calls by telemarketers, TrueCaller can solve your problem; you can block unwanted calls with this app.

    TrueCaller is an online Caller Id app, which displays registered name of incoming and outgoing callers, whom you have not added to your contact list.

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