4 ways to speed up android like a rocket


4 ways to speed up android like a rocket

Dear Friends, few days back I purchased an android mobile, which was running smooth without any problem at the time of purchase. But after some time it became slow and laggy. If you too face the same problem, than this is the article for you.

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Before solving the problem, lets detect its cause, together with the solution of each of these problems. The principal causes of slow mobiles are following:

  1. Internal Storage Shortage
  2. Low Ram
  3. Virus Attack
  4. Android Firmware Problem and Reset
#SciTech :Main causes of slow mobiles are Internal Storage Shortage,Low Ram,Virus Attack,Android Firmware Problem… Click To Tweet
  1. Internal Storage Shortage: The android system stores temporary files to run the apps smoothly, which are called cache, so that when you open an application next time, it uses less internet data and the app data loads faster. Similarly, the files, music and videos we download, android stores them in default storage of the phone which is often Internal Storage. But this facility becomes burden, when internal storage gets short and makes the phone laggy. Similarly, the apps you install are also stored in internal memory, this can also result in internal memory shortage and makes the phone slow.

Taking following measures can solve this problem.

  1. Clear Cache: you can do this work with popular apps like Cleanmaster, 1 Tap Cleaner, CCleaner etc. To accomplish this task by cleanmaster follow these steps

Go to CleanMaster>Junk Files>Clean












2. Clear App Data: you can go to android phone’s setting>manage apps and clear app data or alternatively, you can use apps like Clean master, CCleaner etc. Do verify about the uselessness of data before deleting otherwise you may delete some important dada from app.

Here is a list of apps, whose data you can delete without any loss.

  • Google Maps
  • Facebook
  • Online Shopping Apps
  • Matrimony Apps
  • Browsers data (unless it has bookmarks stored)
  • Gmail
  • Online Music Apps

To accomplish this task by Clean Master follow these steps:

Clean Master> Advanced>Select the files to delete>Clean













3.Move apps to SD card: When you install any android app, by default it is stored in the internal memory of your mobile. You can transfer most of these apps to SD card and free up internal storage. Apps like Clean Master, Move apps to SD card, AppMgr III will help you in this task.

To transfer apps to SD card follow these steps.

Clean Master>App Manager>Move>Select the apps to move

  1. Low RAM: Android is a multitasking platform, where you can run multiple apps simultaneously. But running multiple apps at the same time affects the RAM negatively. Many a times, we open apps one after another, these all apps rund in the background and make the mobile functionality slow. Additionally, some android apps are configured to start on mobile start up, which also makes mobile slow. To solve these problems, you can use android app like Android Task Manager, Advanced Task Killer, Startup Manager etc.

Advanced Task Manager gives the option to kill background apps automatically so you need to kill background apps manually. Follow these steps

Advanced Task Manager>Settings>Regular Kill

  1. Virus Attack: Like desktops, our mobiles are also vulnerable to virus attack. Sometimes, when we install apps from the untrusted sources, it also installs malware in our phones. Besides being dangerous to personal information, these malware also slows down our phones. You can install antivirus like Avast, AVG, Kapersky, Clean Master from play store and delete such app-ware, malware and viruses. By installing Antivirus, you can keep you android phones safe and fast.



         4.Android Firmware Problem and Reset: if the above-mentioned tricks don™t help in [sociallocker]improving the speed of your mobile, than this could be the problem of your android firmware. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by updating your android firmware. Go to Settings> About Phone> System Updates and click. If there is a new update available for your android mobile, you can download it and install. But if no such tricks are helpful than reset could be the last option.

Make a backup of all the files and content, you can use some app or do it manually in settings>backup & reset option. After making the backup

go to Settings> Backup & Reset> Choose Backup Settings> Factory Data Reset

We hope that these 4 ways to speed up your mobile, will be helpful to you. Share you experience with these tricks in comment box below.


Thank You

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4 ways to speed up android like a rocket
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