8 Tips You Need To Know About How To Improve Memory in 3 weeks

8 Tips You Need To Know About How To Improve Memory

Improving memory is not a rocket science; we forget things because either we don’t know or often forget about Brain functioning. Tips discussed here are basic, but powerful. Anyone can easily understand them and improve his /her memory by application, but like all good things in life, it requires commitment and practice.

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People say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit. When you include these tips in your daily routine, they will become a positive habit improving memory permanently. Without wasting any precious time, here are the 8 tips on how to improve memory in 3 weeks.

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1.give it a meaning:

We get this advice since our primary school, “Boy, don’t just cram things, give it a meaning and understanding, and it will go a long way”. During our studies, we learn it’s basic ourselves, but our experieces vary so do our understanding of “Give it a meaning Principle”. Here is all you need to know about it.

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We understand things—give them meaning—by our senses; more senses we involve, better we understand, longer we remember.

Suppose, you need to remember a grocery list, which consist of apple, milk, and eggs. Can you see their color and shape? Remember their taste and smell? If you did it right now, can you forget this list? No way.

How did you remember it? you remembered the list by giving it meaning with senses—touch, smell, and vision.

Another technique we use to make things meaningful is “Association”. We can remember things, giving them meaning, by associating them with something we already know.

You know Santa Claus, don’t you? Suppose you meet him in supermarket, where Santa asks you: what would you like to eat this evening—apple, milk, or eggs? Just visualize yourself at supermarket witnessing this event live. Are you going to forget it?

Although the examples are basic, but you got the point.

2. Give it time for processing:

Our example at supermarket worked because we used association technique, but beside association, we used one more technique—spending Time on information processing. When we receive a new information, we understand it, process it, assimilate it, and finally remember it. Each step in the continuum is important, if we skip any, we miss something. Guess, how many times do we remember something without spending enough time processing it?

In grocery examples, we spent time to visualize list items, to see their shapes, to feel the their smells, and to experience their tastes. We also visualized Santa Claus at supermarket. Had we not given it time, it would have been one of those often forgotten grocery list. If we care to remember something, we should give it time processing.

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3. Avoid Multitasking:

Smartphone enables us to Multitask, but we are still dumb human being with smartphone in our pocket. We like Multitasking, being able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, but it is stressful to brain, because brain needs to spend its limited energy resource on many tasks all at the same time.

We also learnt that we memorize something, when we spend time to process it. In multitasking, we spend time on multiple information sources, which makes processing difficult and multitasking inherently contradictory to memory function.

How can we improve memory than? With Mindfulness. The ability to stay in present, not wander in past or future, is called mindfulness, which not only improves our memory, but our productivity as well. Practice mindfulness, focus on only one thing at a time, and you will see positive results in few weeks.

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4. Take proper sleep:

I bet you knew it beforehand. We all know it, but we incessantly ignore it, forget it. A good sleep relaxes our body and brain, recharges our battery.

In a day, we come across plethora of information that our brain needs to process. With a sound sleep, we not only get time to process this massive information flow, but also be prepared to face information flood of tomorrow. Other techniques we discussed in the post will fail, if our sleep is inadequate.

Here I am listing few basic tips for improving sleep quality.
A. Be away from your laptop, TV and mobile for at least one hour before sleep time. Yes, you heard it right. Keep away that dear mobile too.

B. Don’t take caffeine at least two ours before sleep.

C. Practice some meditation before going to bed, it will remove most of your anxiety and thinking, which disturbs your sleep.

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5. Keep learning something new:

Do you remember your childhood, when remembering any new information was easy. In fact, infants have the best memories among us. Because they are constantly learning new things everyday, every hour. When a child ask meaning for something, we tell them once and they remember it.

I am discussing all these points not because I want you to join your school again, but to reinforce the point that when our brain is learning something new on constant basis, it is pretty sharp at remember things.

So try to keep on learning something new. May be a new language, that old musical instrument in your basement or even a game of chess will help at it. The aim is to learn something new to keep our brain on exercising and improve its muscles to memorize better.

6. Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is related to all thing healthy, and improving memory is no different. Specifically speaking exercising increases blood circulation to body and brain meaning more oxygen to brain and better brain functioning. A stress and anxiety reducing hormone called dopamine is released during exercise, which helps to fight depression a negative factor for memory.

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Researchers suggest that even a 30 minute walk daily, will improve memory. That is the reason why sports are an Integral part of our school curriculum because it helps in overall development of brain including memory.


7. Meditation:

Mediation is like a relaxing bath for brain after a hectic sport schedule. Meditation impacts [sociallocker] the front lobe and hippocampus part of brain associated with memory and concentration. It takes us to the subconscious level where memory is stored and helps to open up new gates for memory storage.

As discussed earlier distress and anxiety are two major source of memory loss. Remember, when you are getting ready for office and looking for your purse or hanky and you don’t find it. How stressful the situation becomes and you seem to forget many things.

Meditation as a positive energy exercise help to mitigate distress and keep us away from Multitasking that’s what we do when under depression, constantly pondering over some problem all along the day.

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The benefits of meditation are too many to cover in this article. In short, do regular meditation and it will improve your memory tremendously.

8. Healthy diet :

you guessed it right, a healthy diet like in many other aspect of life plays a major role in improving our memory. Food which is good for your gut is also good for your brain, so avoid excessive fatty food, carbonated drinks, salt and sugar.

Omega 3 fatty acid found in fishes is particularly helpful to improve memory. Sardine, tuna, salmon fishes are rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. For vegetarian flax seed, walnuts, soybean, tofu, cauliflower, spinach are some omaga-3 fatty acid rich resources.

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Fruits are major source of antioxidants for us. Antioxidants are chemicals which helps to fight free radicals produced by various metabolic activities in the body regularly and damage brain cells. Antioxidants mitigates the effects of free radicals and improve memory by protecting our brain. Take fruits at least 2 times a week and you are god to go. Blueberry is particularly helpful in improving memory as suggested by research.

[/sociallocker] These are the 8 tips when implemented can greatly improve your memory. Improving your memory to some extent is in your hand. Make a habit to assimilate these tips in your daily life and you will feel the difference in next 3 weeks.

Share your thought and experiences in the comment box below. If you have some more tips to improve memory share with other readers with your valuable comment.

8 Tips You Need To Know About How To Improve Memory in 3 weeks
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