About Us

APNA TARIKA  is a multi-author Knowledge Sharing blog, which offers useful content to readers on various aspect of life. It is a bilingual blog, where you can read content in Hindi and English. Main motive of ApnaTarika is to offer content, which solves readers’ problems they confront in everyday life.

For easy access, we have organized posts in following categories:

  1. #SciTech: As we are living in digital world, Sci-Tech has become an integral part of our life. It touches our life everyday one way or the other. ApnaTarika is not a hardcore technology blog, where you will find details scientific analysis, programming language and other details, rather we try to keep our focus to lifestyle related Sci-Tech topics. Little tricks and suggestions about gadgets and other scientific information, we may require to make our life better. So please don’t get annoyed, if we discuss about some basic but useful scientific details. For in-depth technical research, google for some advanced tech blogs.
  2. #PersonalDevelopment: This is the main stream of ApnaTarika, where you will find articles relating to motivation, success and failure, procrastination, peace of mind, freedom, relationships and so on. When the first thought came about starting ApnaTarika, it was sole for this category. Overtime our lives have turned overwhelmingly tensed, you will find some useful and interesting content of lifestyle modification and other stuff in this category.
  3. #VegCooking: Indian Cuisine is one of the best in its class around the globe, where major emphasis is given on vegan food. Whether east or west, we are hearing more about the benefits of vegan diet these days. In cooking section, you will find tasty recipes from around the globe with special focus on Indian cuisine and food related articles.
  4. #InfoKnowledge: With the invention of internet, the scope of information has gone to infinity. We, however, limit our scope of Info-Knowledge to business, office cleverness, education, philosophy and related matters. We are not sure ourselves, where our guestbloggers will lead this category, but for the time being, look at some articles in this category to see where is it landing these days.
  5. #PoemStory: We all like to read poems and stories in our free time, don’t we? As a light-hearted entertainment blog, we believe that poems and stories should be a part of our blog. Most poems and stories you read on this blog are from our readers. If you have some poems or stories in your collection, please share them with us.
  6. #Quotes: Life gets tough some times and we all need a little dose of motivation, inspiration and fun to tackle it. This category is just for it. Here you will find our selected quotes to reinforce ideas that we often forget in the hassles of life. Read a few and you will understand yourself that how these quotes have potential to change your life drastically.