Crispy French Fries Recipe at Home

Crispy French Fries Recipe at Home:

Everyone Likes those crispy french fries, but when we make it home. They are often not that cripy. Follow this recipe carefully, and your french fries will be as good as you eat in restaurants.


  1. 3 potatoes
  2. Oil
  3. Two pinches of black pepper powder
  4. ¼ small spoon Chaat Masala
  5. Tomato Sauce


  1. To make French Fries, we prefer low starch potatoes. Potatoes which peel easily in eroding layers are low in starch and thus best suited to make Crispy French Fries.
  2. First, slice the potatoes in long pieces after peeling them.
  3. Now pour water and salt in a pan and let the water boil. Once the water starts boiling, put the potato pieces in it and boil for 4-5 minutes.
  4. Let the potatoes cool down for some time, then soak them dry with a clean cloth. In a frying Pan, take oil and light fry the dry potatoes. Remember one thing, we don’t have to deep fry potatoes because they we have to fry them again later on.

5.After cooling down, keep the fried potatoes in fridge for ½ hour. Don’t forget this step. To make French Fries crispy, after light frying, we need to keep them cool.

6.After ½ hour, deep fry the French fries at low flame till they turn light golden in color.


7.The Crispy French Fries are ready. Now spread 2 pinches of black pepper, chaat masala and salt and serve them with tomato sauce.



  1. To make French fries crispier, slice them thin.
  2. While boiling potatoes, remember that we have keep them half uncooked. If they are fully cooked, we will not get crispy French fries inside.
  3. While frying French fries, be careful. The boiled potatoes still contain some water inside, which may spill on you while frying.
  4. The day you want to make French fries, keep the potatoes in fridge after boiling and light frying them, so that after second frying you can serve them fast.
  5. After deep frying the French fries, serve them hot otherwise their crispiness vanishes with time.
Crispy French Fries Recipe at Home
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