Priceless Gift – A Story

This is the translated version of the original Hindi story Anmol Tohfa by Prashant Barsaiya

Priceless Gift

2 years before, we had married running away from home.

We were spending life like a middle class family does to fulfill their daily needs in a small flat in Mumbai, miles away from our city.

Anu was happy indeed with me here. But sometimes, spending life without close ones would depress her. Actually her family did not like me at all. We had to take this step, when nothing worked to convince them. I always tried to fill this void, but it was fruitless.


Anu was among the fortunes, who enjoy also the riches and luxury of life at her parents. Unfortunately, She fell in love with a poor guy like me, who except running casted tyre in childhood, could not afford a bicycle even.

The good going job was gone with the old city. After wandering on the streets of Mumbai for a few weeks, I finally got a job in a company. The salary was not much but was sufficient to fulfill our basic needs. In these two years, neither I could take her on holiday out nor could afford to dine in an expensive hotel. The truth to be told is she never demand these things ever. I am not sure if she has complains, but her smiling face has never let me felt down.

We have our third wedding anniversary today. I wanted to give her a surprise gift. Like any other day, I went to office. But finished work earlier and drifted to market. From the remaining bonus of rs 3000 from last month diwali, I purchased beautiful gold earning for Anu.


I was happy thinking she must like it. I reached home with mounting enthusiasm. Anu opened the door as soon as the bell rang. I was delighted to see our home interior, she had decorated it nicely. On the front end table, a cake with our name Akash-Anu engraved on it, was looking awesome, which Anu had cooked herself.

I handed her the Earings, and she got exhilarated. The pearls visible in her eyes were telling that she liked the gift too much.


“And where is my gift,this time I won’t be content dry hand”,  I nipped

“Why not, first close your eyes and move your hand forward”, Anu chanted

“See I closed my eyes, now give it fast”, I desperated

[sociallocker] She took my hand to her belly and touched it, saying “we are going to be three. A new member is coming to our family.”

I was on top of the world, when I heard these words and hugged her. Tears filled our eyes. Sometimes tears also express our happiness.That evening I hugged Anu long with dropping tear.[/sociallocker]

Perhaps, this Priceless Gift will fill the void of close ones in our life.

That was all in this small story.



Priceless Gift – A Story
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